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                                                                 Welcome to my site

    We are located in Skelmersdale, in the north west UK, (less than 10 mins from J26 on the M6 motorway).


    I have lived with dogs around me for most of my life, worked with them in  family run boarding kennels as a teenager and later as a police cadet I assisted the dog section with training operational Police Dogs.


     In the mid 1980's I fullfilled my lifetime ambition of owning a German Shepherd Dog. Max, who although not Kennel Club Registered, was everything I knew a GSD should be, and encouraged me to research the breed in further depth and to admire fully the qualities envisaged by the breeds founder Capt. Max von Stephanitz in Germany during the late 1800's

     In 1990 I purchased a female GSD by the name of Rose Lovely Princess, with whom I competed in Kennel Club Obedience shows, and later, whilst looking for a suitable mate for her, I attended my first Kennel Club Breed Conformation Shows, entering Rosie in some, and I was hooked !


   My Kennel name /affix MILLANER was registered with the Kennel Club prior to Rosie's second litter, from which I retained a super male ( Millaner Acer ) and we learnt together what was needed to be successful. With Ace I won my first "Best Puppy awards", Open and Championship Show class wins and he was the first of many Millaner Dogs to qualify to compete at Crufts, where he gained 3rd place in his class.

    Rosie and Acer's bloodlines can still be found in my dogs today, Millaner Nairobi being the 6th generation of this line. Over the years I have selectivly purchased top quality females to compliment and strengthen my existing lines, such as Franca Vom Oasis, who was imported from Germany, I have also used males who have been health tested & temperament tested (either imported or home bred) and have the qualities I feel can improve on the females I have.

     I was, at it's inception, a member of the kennel clubs Accredited Breeder Scheme, until I realised that my standards and requirements for a healthy dog (especially one that I wished to breed from ) are far in excess of the Kennel Club Requirements, and in my opinion the scheme itself is flawed.

    Over the years many of the dogs I have bred have served with the armed forces and 6 different Police services in the UK, whilst others have competed successfully at Breed Conformation shows, Some winning Best of Breed Awards and  Challenge Certificates and others in Working Trials and Agility shows. while many others are loved and adored as family pets.


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